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Our Training Programs


1. Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Many aspects of the work place today require alertness accuracy and quick reflexes. Alcohol and drug abuse or addiction may lead to impairment of these qualities and may cause accidents and interfere with the accuracy and efficiency of work. Furthermore, abusers may suffer after effects of drug abuse , increased incidences of absenteeism, preoccupation with obtaining and using substances, engage in illegal activities, suffer psychological and stress related effects and increased vulnerability to illness arising from drug abuse.
We offer customized ADA programs addressing various issues at the workplace.
i. These include Alcohol and drug abuse sensitization
ii. Alcohol and drug abuse committee training (Level I)
iii. Advanced alcohol and drug abuse training (Level II)

2. Gender Mainstreaming

Gender equality is a fundamental right. Our gender mainstreaming programs help the workplace in the reorganization, improvement, development and evaluation of processes, so that a gender equality perspective is incorporated in all policies, at all levels and at all stages by all actors.
Our training programs explore a variety of gender equality strategies, namely tinkering, tailoring and transforming, while providing learners with a steps-by-steps process for gender mainstreaming.

The gender mainstreaming programs include
i. Gender mainstreaming sensitization
ii. Gender mainstreaming committee training

3. Disability Mainstreaming

Over 4.6% of Kenyans are living with disabilities. The task of disability mainstreaming therefore requires the participation of a ll stake holders at all levels. Ensuring a disability perspective in all aspects of policy and labour legislation, effective implementation and enforcement of the existing disability laws, provision of equal opportunities and training among the factors that contribute to the reduction of poverty and to the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities in Kenya. Our disability mainstreaming programs help learners to understand facts, legal provisions, rights, rehabilitation, soft skills, and sensitivity and key steps in the disability mainstreaming.
Our disability programs include;
i. Disability Mainstreaming sensitization
ii. Disability mainstreaming committee training



HIV/AIDS is a harsh reality in our society. HIV related absenteeism; loss of productivity and the cost of replacing workers lost to AIDS threaten the survival of businesses and industrial sectors in the increasingly competitive global market. It is paramount that institutions build strategies to manage the advent of HIV/AIDS at the workplace. Great Vision Research Company helps institutions develop and manage HIV/AIDS workplace programmes. These must begin with education and training.
Our HIV/AIDS training programmes include;
i. HIV/AIDS Awareness Training
ii. HIV/AIDS Committee Training (Level I)
iii. HIV/AIDS Committee Training (Level II)

5. Peer Education

Peer education is a popular intervention approach on a variety of areas at the workplace. Peer educators are invaluable in developing knowledge, attitudes, beliefs skills, and behaviors, through undertaking informal or organized educational activities with their peers (those similar to themselves in age, background or) interests over a period of time helping them make responsible choices.
Our peer education programs are flexible and complementary covering areas such as reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Gender, Disability etc.

6. Outplacement

Great Vision Research Company provides an integrated suite of outplacement and transition support services to assist affected employees come to terms with challenges associated with redundancy and outplacement. We work closely with clients and partners to deliver a highly individual and tailored approach, engaging displaced employees from the time they are laid off to the time they find their next job or career focusing on the future rather than the past.

7. Counseling Skills

Great Vision Research Company offers tailored counseling skill courses aimed at transforming learners into effective counselors. The programs focus on imparting knowledge, skills, attitudes, and attributes necessary for assisting clients explore situations and identify solutions within the limitations of their given environment.
Our counseling programs include;
i. Basic counseling skills
ii. Counseling skills and techniques (Level II)
iii. Counseling skills for HR and management team

8. Occupation Safety and Health

The role of training in developing and maintaining effective hazard control activities is incalculable and is a proven and successful method in intervention in occupational health and safety. Our tailored programs assist companies promote and maintain the highest degree of physical , mental and social well-being of workers; prevent departures from health caused by their working conditions; place and maintain workers in an environment adapted to their psychological and physiological capabilities, to adapt work to man and each man to his job.

9 Ethics and Integrity

The challenge for many organizations is in understanding tasks involved in building an ethical organization culture. From an enforceable code of conduct, to ongoing training and communication, to any anonymous reporting hotline; companies can quickly implement ethics, risks, and compliance programs and solutions that foster an ethical culture across the enterprise. Our tailored ethics and integrity programs help organizations achieve just that.

10. Stress Management

Stress is common in the contemporary society. The ability to manage stress in the workplace cannot only improve physical and emotional health but can also make the difference between success and failure on the job. Stress management in the workplace requires more than just helpful tips. It calls for concerted efforts to assist employees deal with stressors and acquire relevant skills to enable them meet their work targets and enhance their productivity.
Our stress management programs include;
i. Stress management awareness
ii. Effective stress management skills

11 Contemporary Knowledge management strategies

Organizations will not survive in this era, unless deliberate design of processes, tools and structures is done, with intent to capture, increase, renew, share, store and improve the use of the organizations most important commodity – knowledge!
Through this comprehensive program, participants understand the numerous processes involved in managing and leveraging value form intellectual assets. This includes the classifications, lifecycles, driving forces, spectrum, selection and implementation of knowledge management strategies. The program targets all HR managers, Training and Development managers, Technical managers, R&D managers, IT managers, Customer Relationship managers, Marketing & Brand managers.

12. Records Management

Organizations face increasing pressure to manage their records according to statutory and business requirements.
As the use of electronic records and the deployment of electronic document and records management systems continue to increase, the core skills of the person responsible for records management become ever more important to the organization. In many cases, appropriate data protection and compliance depend upon a good records management system.
Great Vision Research Company record management program is a powerful blend of theory and practice, designed to offer a step-by-step process of (re)aligning records management technology, roles, processes and strategy to create successful records management system that integrates numerous resources to manage and leveraging value from corporate information. This includes the classifications, lifecycles, retention, storage, disposal, control and operating procedures, among internal and external stakeholders.

13. Complaints Handling

In order to improve customer service, satisfaction, experiences, and complaint resolution rates, every workplace must strive to dedicate personnel to the effective management of complaints. Organizations that lack skills and systems for handling ongoing barrage of complaints almost suffer the consequences of disengaged members of staff, characterized by poor performance, absenteeism and high staff turnover costs. Great Vision Research Company’s practical course is designed to impart essential skills and techniques required to provide exceptional complaint management and support.
Through our program, we guarantee the transformation of employees into personnel who are: more efficient, who minimize organization costs, who enjoy working with your customers and building long term relationships.

14 Team building

We are widely recognized as the leader in provision of transformative teambuilding experiences which address the diverse corporate objectives which include team work, communication, bonding, leadership, stress, change management, boosting staff morale, growth, trust, and before rebranding all delivered in a fun filled co-operative, active, and moderate and circle games. Our programs are customized to include health and wellness sessions and checks.

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