What We Do At GVRC

Core Competencies

GVRC collaborates with other researchers and policy makers in the development and delivery of GVRC’s research programs. The GVRC’s research experts identify research priorities, investigate joint research opportunities, plan and develop programs, monitor and coordinate projects for delivery of benefits. The research activities that we carry out include:

1. Research And Policy advisory

Our teams of experts offer strategic advice and assist organizations design, review and implement workplace policies. This includes policies on Gender, Disability, HIV/AIDS and Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Corruption Eradication, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Project Research.

We conduct scientific research, including;

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Baseline surveys
  3. Follow up survey
  4. Midterm evaluations
  5. End line evaluations
  6. Research to support economic development
  7. Policy analysis and development
  8. Strategic facilitation of national and regional dialogues
  9. M & E frameworks and tools
  10. Programme evaluations
  11. Data collection and analysis
  12. Culture and climate surveys
  13. Stakeholder perception surveys
  14. Customer satisfaction surveys
  15. Social marketing research
  16. Social and economic impact research
  17. Community needs assessments
  18. Organisational audits
  19. Organizing Trainings and Facilitation
  20. Academic Research (guiding students and academia in research oriented activities)

2. Business Process Re-Engineering (Bpr) & And Lean Management Advisory Services

Great Vision Research Company’s specialized team of experts in BPR & Lean Management offers a range of service geared towards rethinking and redesign of work, to better support an organization’s mission and reduce costs. These services facilitate continuous improvement of products, services and processes. The efforts can seek incremental improvement over time or breakthrough improvements all at once. We provide expertise in various models and approaches of re-engineering and continuous improvements such as;

  1. Lean Six Management
  2. Total Production management
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Kaizen
  5. Lean Manufacturing
  6. DMAIC
  7. 5S
  8. PDCA Cycle
  9. Change management

Our research areas include; Gender, Disability, HIV/AIDS and Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA), corruption eradication, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and project research.

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